We Are Not Asking You To Listen, We Are Asking You To Care!


Once upon a dreamy night watching the stars, I saw a dream - a dream that had no wings, a dream that seemed difficult because of all the intricacies and people I wanted to weave it with. However, that dream had something magical - a genuine determination to change the world, to make lives better, and to make a small dent in contributing to the ultimate demise of the inhuman practice of human trafficking.

Therefore, against all odds, I wished strongly - to create something that could tell the world why it is everybody's business to CARE, how all of us can contribute a verse in the battle against human trafficking. 

Gradually, some beautiful people joined this and we built the wings together. And now we are going to see this dream take flight!

Ducumentary against human trafficking with a powerful call for action - COMING SOON!

#stophumantrafficking #poweroffaith #powerofhope #freedommatters

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