Letter of Hope 6: An IT Professional From Pune Dared To Care - Two Minor Girls Saved


This is your impact. The power of hope, faith and courage!

A few weeks ago, an IT professional from Pune wrote to us about some areas in Pune where she believed that some girls were pushed against their will into the sex trade. We then tried to find out about some local NGOs in Pune who could help.

She then wrote to the NGO and diligently followed up with them until she got an answer. Here is a screenshot of her powerful and heartfelt email to the NGO.

 Result - two minor girls saved!

How did this happen? She did NOT IGNORE. She TOOK ACTION. She ensured that she gets an ANSWER.

Thank you Shivangi. We sincerely appreciate your efforts. Very few people sustain the patience to wait for an answer once information has been shared with the respective stakeholders. Shivangi hasn't stopped yet. She wants to ensure that the children are properly rehabilitated. We will keep you updated.


Imagining a world where none of us ignore, but dare to care by asking the right questions, sharing information and seeking an answer. How wonderful that world would be!

#freedommatters #stophumantrafficking #faith #hope #action

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