English Translation Of The Poem In Credits


Here is the English translation of the poem (By Late Dushyant Kumar) played in the credits of the documentary by Nikita Gupta.

"This pain that has frozen into a mountain must melt
A Ganga must erupt from this Himalayan belt

Like a thin fragile veil, this wall today shakes
But the wager was to make the foundation quake

In every village, every town, on every street, every alley
Hands waving in protest, every corpse must rally

Merely raising a hollow ruckus is not my intent
This situation must change; we must make a dent

If not in my bosom’s, then in your bosom’s urn
For it doesn’t matter where, but this fire must burn"

Thank you Nikita for such a beautiful translation. It leaves us spellbound and touched.


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