From the book, Economies of Violence by Jennifer Suchland If the millions who have been mobilised to fight human trafficking as modern day slavery can reach through to the other side of their compassion - to the side where the losers of globalisation reside - then broader and bigger coalitions can be made. If at the local level we can connect modern-day slavery to histories of violent settlement and slavery, then our projects for prevention may be more deeply grounded. If Governments and advocacy groups see anti-trafficking as part of the work of social provisioning and community empowerment, then states will be more accountable for its role in trafficking. If making a life worth living is seen as part of our collective humanity and not just an individual choice, then possibly we will have less tolerance for economies of violence. If only. I am ready for all ifs and buts. Are you? :-) #freedommatters #stophumantrafficking

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