Gratitude :-)


This documentary would not have been possible without the relentless support, faith, and blessings of the following people:

Content Advisors
Dr PM Nair
Rishi Kant
Subir Roy
who not only advised us on the content, but also connected us with like-spirited people so as to turn this into a powerful response to the situation of human trafficking.

Script Writers
Nikita Gupta
Mihir Chhangani
who gave soul to the script through their stirring words.

Heartfelt Gratitude To
Anju Dubey Pandey
Bhuwan Ribhu
Dr PM Nair
Kailash Satyarthi
Kalki Koechlin
Lalitha S.A.
Ritesh Sharma
for being the face and voice of the documentary and for inspiring and motivating us to dream this.

Love To
Andrew Critchley
Niharika Pandit
Nikita Gupta
Nishant Khemani
Oshika Pandey
Raunak Bhandari
Rangoli Goyal
Renu Agarwal
Sasmita Patnaik
Shrinkhla Jain
Silky Agarwal
for agreeing to be featured to lend completeness to the film.

Grateful Thanks To The Benefactors
Jatin Khemani
Pankaj Gupta
Rahul Sethi
Saurav Tibrewal
Sumit Gupta
Vikas Vardhan Singh
for helping with the much-needed resources that enabled this dream.

Graphic Designer
Suruchi Jain
who has been patient with us through multiple alteration requests of the documentary poster.

Blog Designer
Sunaina Sharma
who has been extremely helpful and patient in designing the blog.

Marketing and PR
Manan Dhaundhiyal
Sanjeeta Singh
for their intelligent marketing strategies while keeping the purpose and intention intact.

Thank You For Your Support
Amish Ralhan
Anisha Narula
Nirmala Nair
Nandita Dutta
Nilanajana Bhattacharjee
Nishi Kant
Prema Manshani
Ravi Kant
Tamanna Khan
Vivek Kumar
for being there and believing in us blindly.

Special Thanks To
The woman from GB Road (Delhi’s red light area) who entrusted us with her story
EmotionalFulls Production Team
Shakti Vahini
Society for Participatory Integrated Development (SPID)
Bachpan Bachao Andolan

Last but not the least, heartfelt gratitude to my dearest friends who run the India-based production house, The Storygraphers. They have not only curated this creation, but have also been extremely patient and empathetic with the issue.  
Sincere thanks to Ashish (Editor) for taking this to a level I had not envisioned, to Hardik and Naveen for their brilliant cinematography irrespective of the weather or place, and to Rahul for his soulful voiceover. 
If you would like to contact them for any photography or videography projects, you can 
e-mail them at 

And indebtedness to my family (especially my sister Parnika) and friends. Without their support and blessings amidst all the ups and downs, I could not have had the courage and determination to make this happen.

With a heart full of gratitude and love,
Pankhuri :-)

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