Why Should We Be Bothered About Human Trafficking?


Three reasons why we should care - 

1. It can happen with anyone of us - Traffickers do not discriminate when it comes to various religions, castes, or educational backgrounds. It cuts across all the classes and genders of our society. One need not be from a lower socio-economic class to be trafficked. Men and boys are trafficked too.

Therefore, there is very high possibility that it can happen with ANYONE of us.

2. We promote human trafficking and slavery - We all are a part of the system which fuels the disgrace that human-trafficking is. We promote this slavery in our daily lives, like when a child is employed in our home or business, when a domestic help is abused and paid low wages, when an adult is forced to work under inhumane conditions, or when forced sex work flourishes because of us. 
Our everyday lifestyle choices, including our gadgets, our apparels and accessories, and even our groceries, many-a times involve slavery in their supply chains. This problem is, thus, inextricably linked to us. 

3. We push people into slavery even when they wish to come out of it - Even if the people enslaved try to come out of this exploitative situation, we stigmatise them. They are not given respectable jobs. Marrying them is considered a taboo. We do not even integrate their children into our community. So we are contributing to their already exploitative situation. 

Thus, all of us are guilty. If not by association, we are guilty because we either turn our faces the other way or roll our eyes when we see trafficking in work. 

And of course it is not possible for us to not get put of our house, or buy products that we need. But it is possible for us to take action.

What action can we take? Find out here

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