Why Do We Dream Of A World Free Of Human Trafficking?


Before requesting you all to join the fight against human trafficking with us, it is pertinent on our part to share with you why fighting against human trafficking is so crucial for us. Why does it bother us so much? Why are we determined to spend each day working towards it's ultimate demise? 

We dream of a sustainable free world for every individual; a world where dignity is considered as important as basic needs such as food, water and shelter are. We dream of a world which is not built on the foundations of human exploitation but on mutual respect and love for fellow human beings. We dream of a world completely free of human trafficking.

How attainable is our dream? Are we optimists?
People question the attainability of this dream, how practical it is that this world will one day be completely free of human-trafficking? Some even call us optimists. We agree that we are optimists, but to make this world a better place, we need optimists and not just realists. The reality is disturbing. We know this because we have seen the reality. The reality is not what you see in college, hanging around with friends; the reality is not what you see in the so-called Reality TV shows and it isn’t there in the AC rooms you go back to when you’re tired after a day’s work in the office. The reality is what you see in the eyes of a girl whom you have just rescued from months of sexual and emotional exploitation; the reality is what you hear in the trembling voice of a mother whose child is nowhere to be found. Reality lies in the talks of those who have been harassed so much that they are afraid of living normal lives, who are so dependent on the people who harass them that being exploited becomes their routine and they are afraid to break out of it. And the reality also lies in words of a survivor of human trafficking, when she talks about the importance of freedom and hope, and how she wants to become a teacher to make this world a better place. 

The dream doesn't necessarily die with the individual
The reality which most of the people see is actually a denial of what the reality actually is. It isn’t realistic to talk about human trafficking as an incurable disease, or to consider it as a problem which doesn’t concern us. It is pessimistic to do so. We are not saying that human trafficking will end in our lifetime. Hell, we don’t even know if it will be over in our grandchildren’s lifetime! All we know is that if we all work together, fifty years down the line, when someone asks us or anyone else about the condition of human trafficking in this world, the answer will not include the present count of 36 million people who are victims of slavery worldwide. The count will be much less. Gradually, but definitely, the numbers will be gone. We’ll make them disappear. We are confident of leaving a safer world in the hands of strong hearted individuals who shall chase our dream after we are gone. After all, the dream doesn’t necessarily die with the individual.

Join us in this noble endeavor!
The fight is long and hard and we need as many committed people who believe that this inhuman crime should disappear. You don’t have to be just a spectator and watch us fight, you can join this fight with us! The best part about development is that all issues are interlinked. And that we all can contribute to the cause without getting out of our comfort zones – watch the documentary and this blog page to know how you can help! Human trafficking isn’t my problem or her problem or their problem, it is OUR problem.

Power of hope and faith
Human trafficking is a big problem, it doesn’t have a one-word answer. Its answer is long, very long. But that’s an issue only if a few people are answering it. If each one of us decides to contribute just a bit, take that one simple step, we will get the answer written in no time at all. All you have to answer is this: What will your verse be?

With hope and faith that you will take that ONE SIMPLE STEP to fight human trafficking. :-)

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